Paradox Software is a Freeware organization that shall produce entertainment Freeware. Our first project is an Role Playing Game called Blazing Stars: Legend of Quantra. This will be the first of many Freeware items we will produce.

Paradox Software employees


Trevor Wirgau                        Programmer/Game Designer

Eric Mayer                              Character Artist

 Colleen Delzer                       3D Artist/Art Director

Kelley Bakker                           Programmer/Storyline Editor

Andrew Chessler                      Storyline Editor

Jeremy Pawlak                          HTML Programmer/url submitor

Jeremy Pawlak                      Character Artist

Thanks to:

Dark Angel:            For introducing me to the RPG Maker 95 and    

                               giving me sound advice along the way. ^_^


Ranagan:                For showing me how fun and productive being 

                               twisted and creative at the same time is.


Razynne and Magi: For remaking Windor so I could keep in touch

                                with these pals of mine.


Lady Lightstar:        Though she isn't here anymore, she was a great 

                                 writer and showed me a new style of writing.


And anyone else I forgot to mention in the thirty seconds I wrote this.


                                                                                                                                                                     Paradox's Unfinished Projects  

Blazing Stars: Legend of Quantra

This RPG is being made on RPG Maker 95, a program that allows the average person to make so-so RPGs. With the team on the job of this one it'll be a Chrono Trigger equal (even with the not so great graphics.)




   We have now finished the first village, the first castle, the second dungeon, and part of the second ruined village. Don't worry. We are more than half-way through the demo version. Just wait a month and you'll get it....if your not too busy playing FF8 that is. ^_^



    We found a huge glitch in the RPG Maker's setup limits. Trevor had to redo the entire spell, item, and status systems to adapt for it. We are very slow now because of school and will have much done by next month if not all. For a side note, we are hoping to have pics for when characters are talking, with most every emotion needed, and we also hope to have 3D background and monsters (for the full version, not the demo) along with voices for characters. (For the current setup Trevor will be the voice of Ranzir, Andrew will be the voice of Thar, Kelley will be the voice of Lutta, Eric will be the voice of Marcus, and the rest of the characters are undecided for now.)


Soon to Come


Message Board- for those who want to comment on something or just exchange opions.

Info page- for people who want to know more than we officially tell you, basically a rumor/plan


Creators' Gallery- comments from us. Think of it as a reply to e-mail or message board posts.


Links to downloads

Don's English Translation of RPGMaker95

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